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Practice Limited To Lawyer-To-Lawyer Engagements

Trial and Appellate Counsel and Consultancy Service With Respect to the Presentation of Expert Testimony and the Direct and Cross-Examination of Forensic Experts

Timothy M. Tippins, Esq. has engaged in matrimonial and family law practice for over 30 years. He devotes his time exclusively to serving as special counsel and consultant to family law practitioners on a nationwide basis in the role of trial and appellate counsel with special emphasis on the presentation and cross-examination of expert mental health testimony.

A prolific author, Tippins is the author of an in-depth series of articles on custody evaluations published in the New York Law Journal. He has lectured nationally to judges, lawyers, and mental health professionals and the courts have frequently cited his published works.

Together with Dr. Jeffrey Wittmann, he is co-author of “Empirical and Ethical Problems with Custody Recommendations: A Call for Clinical Humility and Judicial Vigilance,” a groundbreaking article published in the Family Court Review by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Custody-Related Publications by Mr. Tippins:

Empirical And Ethical Problems With Custody Recommendations:    A Call For Clinical Humility And Judicial Vigilance (Family Court Review, 2005)

Custody Evaluations   A Multi-Part Series(New York Law Journal, 2003 to present)

Course Books & Tapes  "Coping with Mental Health Testimony in Contested Custody Litigation" (MatLaw Seminars Publishing - 2001) & "How to Analyze and Challenge Custody Evaluations" (MatLaw Seminars Publishing - 2005)

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